Life course and economic implications of demographic change (LIFECON)

Population ageing challenges the resiliency of the welfare state. In the LIFECON project, we aim to find solutions for this. We focus on different phases of the life course, including family formation, working life, and health and care at the end of life. We also study the implications of demographic change for the macroeconomy and public finances.

The aims of the LIFECON project are to

  • Understand how demographic changes are present at different phases of the life course
  • Understand the implications of demographic changes for the macroeconomy and public finances to find ways in which to increase the sustainability of the welfare state
  • Provide decision-makers and experts with information on the causes, consequences and solutions related to the changing structures of the Finnish population

Work packages

  1. Family formation
  2. Working life
  3. Ageing, health, and care
  4. Improving the resiliency of the welfare system


  1. Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
  2. Etla Economic Research
  3. University of Helsinki

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Kristiina Kulha Interaction leader+358 40 548 6914